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The ESTATE PLANNING website was created to assist consumers deal with the complexity of financial and estate planning issues including:


Creating a Last Will and Testament

Living Trusts - Testamentary Trusts

Guardianship of Minor Children

Health Care Directives

Elder Law and Elder Care Issues

Medicaid Planning

Insurance Trusts Planning ILIT's

Charitable Giving Trusts

Wealth Management Planning

Estate Tax Planning

Family Legacy Planning

Real Estate Management and Disposition


To address these important needs it is essential that a team of qualified local professionals be utilized:


Estate Planning Attorneys

Probate Real Estate Agents

Estate Real Estate Appraisers

Estate Planning Accountants

Wealth Management & Insurance Professionals

Elder Care Attorneys

Personal Property Appraisal

Trust Officers

Estate Conservators

Estate Fiduciary Services

Home Cleaning and Moving Services


Working  with a qualified estate planning professional can effectively and efficiently deal with all your family financial and estate planning goals.


It's is critical to understand the; risks, pitfalls and potential future legal problems that can develop when "do it yourself" estate plans are implemented without the assistance of a professional.


The good news is that a qualified estate planning professionals can minimize these risks and maximize your wealth before, during and after the estate administration process.


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